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We're Here to Support Your Podcasts

We love working with podcasters to help you grow your podcasts through our Pod Squad community events and workshops and through 1-2-1’s.


Keep your eye out for coaching programmes & courses launching in 2023 - sign up to the waitlists below to be the first to hear all the details.

Join the Pod Squad Community


The Pod Squad is an awesome community of podcasters where we all support each other through the struggles and successes of podcasting.


Through regular newsletters, you will learn lots about the industry, get inspiration prompts to help you grow your podcasts and make them the best they can be.


Throughout 2023 POW PR will run a programme of events to support your on your podcasting mission.


Whether that's refining your elevator pitch, how to tell your story or the best production tips - we'll cover it all.


Sign up to the POW-er UP newsletter to be the first to hear about the dates as they are released.

Pod Squad

POW-er Up Your Podcast


For 2023 I am planning to launch a monthly group coaching programme to help grow your podcast over the course of 6 months.


I will run weekly sessions where I will cover different topics and also host a weekly Q&A.


We will have a private group where we will keep in touch and I will be available for questions as they arise.


I will make you make your podcast better and get it seen and heard by your ideal listener.


Sign up here to join the waitlist to hear more.


Pitch your Podcast to Press


In my signature course, I am going to give you everything you need to get started and actually start doing PR for your podcast in 6 weeks.

I have designed a process which is clear and easy to follow and will get your PR up and running ASAP.

We will cover:

Week 1 - The podcast purpose

Week 2 - Your podcast profile

Week 3 - Your podcast press release

Week 4 - Your podcast PR Plan

Week 5 - Pitch week

Week 6 - The persistent PR approach

Get ready to increase your podcast visibility through PR and grow your audience.

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