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Podcast PR Services for Production and Podcasters

I work with production companies and podcasters in a number of ways to provide PR services that get shows the attention they deserve.

POW PR has been trusted by:


The Podcaster Pro

From £2000 then £500 p/m plus VAT

Are you a dedicated podcast professional ready to propel your show to the next level?


Look no further - we specialise in partnering with ambitious podcasters like you who are serious about achieving success.


Introducing our comprehensive 6-week initial service designed to give your podcast the ultimate boost it deserves. We provide a proven approach to grow your podcast through PR:


Week 1: Strategy and Planning

We kick off with a strategy call that delves deep into your podcast's goals and aspirations. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique brand and target audience. The strategy will be carefully documented and delivered to you for review, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.


Week 2: Crafting Compelling Content

Our expert team will write a captivating press release that captures the essence of your podcast and generates buzz among the media. Simultaneously, we'll compile a customized press list and a carefully curated podcast list. These lists will be shared with you for approval, ensuring we target the right outlets to maximise exposure and listenership.


Week 3: Pitching to the Media

During this critical week, we'll pitch your podcast to podcast press, as well as national and local press outlets. Our goal is to secure valuable coverage that elevates your podcast's visibility and attracts new audiences. We'll tirelessly advocate for your show, leveraging our established relationships and industry expertise.


Week 4: Diligent Follow-up

Building on the momentum generated in Week 3, we'll conduct dedicated follow-up activities with media outlets to maximise your chances of securing press coverage. Our team will tenaciously pursue opportunities and keep you informed of any positive responses received.


Week 5: Expanding Reach

In this week, we'll go the extra mile by researching and pitching your podcast to additional press contacts and relevant podcasts. This strategic approach ensures your message reaches even broader audiences, increasing your listener base and enhancing your podcast's overall growth potential.


Week 6: Reflect and Review

At the end of our 6-week initial service, we'll conduct a thorough review to assess the impact of our efforts on your podcast's growth. We'll analyze the results, gather feedback, and provide valuable insights to further refine your future strategies.


After completing this initial service, you'll have the opportunity to join our reactive service. For a monthly fee of £500, you'll be eligible for ongoing press and podcast opportunities.


This service includes one call and pitch per quarter, allowing you to continuously reach new audiences and secure valuable PR moments that elevate your podcast's brand and talkability.


Don't let your podcast's potential go untapped. Let’s go after what it is you are trying to achieve.

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Podcast Launch PR Packages

From £3000 plus VAT

Are you ready to make a big splash with your podcast launch and attract the attention you've always dreamed of?


Look no further - with our proven launch strategy, We can turn your podcast into a sensation!


Our comprehensive press launches are designed to give your podcast the spotlight it deserves.


Bespoke Launch Plan: Together, we'll develop a customized launch plan that caters specifically to your podcast. By understanding your unique vision and target audience, we'll create a plan for success that maximises your reach and impact.

Feature Idea Development: We'll work closely with you to develop captivating feature ideas that will catch the attention of media outlets and industry influencers. These ideas will showcase the essence of your podcast and set it apart from the competition, generating excitement and intrigue.


Talent Collaboration for Press Opportunities: If you have guest talent or experts featured on your podcast, we'll collaborate with them to secure valuable press opportunities. By leveraging their expertise and credibility, we'll position your podcast as a must-listen and attract media attention.


Episodic PR and News Lines: We'll carefully consider the newsworthiness of your episodes and develop episodic PR strategies to generate buzz and anticipation. By highlighting compelling stories or themes in your episodes, we'll captivate both the media and potential listeners.


Bespoke Press and Podcast Lists: As part of our service, we'll curate a tailored press list and podcast list that perfectly align with your target audience and niche. This ensures we pitch your podcast to the right outlets, including those that write weekly podcast picks and round-up articles. These opportunities translate into listeners, prestige, and credibility.


Maximising Exposure through Podcast Interviews: We'll explore collaboration opportunities with other podcasts to maximise exposure. By arranging interviews, we'll tap into their established audience and expand your reach, while also providing valuable content for your listeners.


Social Media Best Practices: We'll provide guidance on leveraging social media to enhance your podcast's visibility and engagement. From content strategies to community building, We'll equip you with the best practices to effectively utilise social platforms and drive growth.


This comprehensive service is designed for podcasters who have a well-developed podcast idea, a clear target audience, and a measurable call to action.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to launch your podcast with impact and get the attention it deserves.


Book a call with us today to ensure we can book you in at the right time.

Zoe_ShowThumbnail_3000x3000 2.png

The Full Podcast Launch Campaign

From £5000 plus VAT

Introducing our comprehensive full-package 14 week  service designed for launching  podcasts with ambitious goals and intentions.


At the heart of our approach is a deep passion for helping you create PR-worthy moments right from the development stage. While we understand that may not always be possible, we strive to advise on guest selection and provide insights to enhance your podcast's potential for media coverage.


Our launch process begins six weeks prior to your podcast's release, allowing us ample time to develop a strategic plan and deliver press assets for your approval in a timely manner. and runs up until episode 8 of your new series.


Our tailored strategies take into account various aspects, including the podcast itself, the host, guests, and unique features. By carefully considering these elements, we aim to maximise press coverage and attract attention from journalists who align with your podcast's vision.


Additionally, we proactively pitch your podcast to other shows, leveraging guesting opportunities to achieve valuable PR exposure.


To ensure a targeted approach, we meticulously build bespoke press lists and individually pitch each journalist, ensuring a personalised touch in our communications.


We also tap into our extensive network of podcast contacts, including reviewers and creators who curate round-up features.


Throughout the process, we offer weekly calls to discuss progress, provide valuable feedback, and address any questions or concerns you may have. We continuously adapt our pitch strategy based on each episode's content.


Our dedication extends beyond the launch itself. We remain actively involved with your podcast for up to eight weeks post-launch, enabling us to respond promptly to any emerging interests or opportunities. This ensures ongoing visibility and the ability to explore new avenues for growth.


As a bespoke service, we craft a customised package tailored to the specific needs of each production.


We would love to have a call to discuss your  podcast launch and curate a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to launch your podcast with a bang and achieve the results you are looking for.

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