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I have been working with podcasts now for a while. ðŸŽ™ 

I love how accessible they can be as a marketing tool for people to speak directly to their audiences in a really personal way. ðŸ¤©

So I decided to write a course on developing your hit podcast idea. ðŸ™ŒðŸ»

It’s for you if:

🧐 You have never thought about starting a podcast but could be interested in one

💡 You think you have the bones of an idea for your podcast but need to develop the idea out

⭐️  You have a podcast already and want to get clear on what it’s for and whom you are trying to reach 

You can now download my workbook here and get started right away!


I would recommend sitting down and completing it in one go for the first draft just to get you going then you can come back and refine it until you have your fully formed idea that you are excited to get started with.


This course is purely for developing the idea; eg working out your audience, deciding your subject matters and making a plan. 

For the technical side of things, I will be deferring to my good friends at Acast who have amazing resources and guides to get you up and running once you are ready. ðŸ§‘🏻‍🔧


Create Your Hit Podcast Idea

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